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GURUGRAM: On Saturday, two youngsters on a motorcycle were stopped by the Gurugram police because the pillion rider was not wearing a helmet. They were let go after a bribe of Rs 500. Around 6-7km away and a few hours later, the sequence repeated itself.
One of the two riders, both residents of Noida, pointed out the incidents on social media later in the day, prompting the Gurugram police to open an investigation.
Vivek Shukla, 27, said on Sunday he was visiting Gurugram to find accommodation for his friend, the pillion rider who was not wearing a helmet.
The two of them were first stopped near the DLF-4 market, where the traffic police told them a challan of Rs 200 will be issued and they will have to take rounds of the court to settle the amount. Shukla, who is preparing for competitive exams, said the cops then asked them to pay Rs 500 to avoid the hassle. They did, and left.
The same happened a few hours later near Sikanderpur. They were again let go, the 27-year-old said. He later posted about the incidents on Twitter, tagging the Gurugram police.
“I was not trying to save myself. I broke the rules so they should issue a challan to me, but they were not trying to issue that. They were intentionally looking for a bribe. My whole point is that if someone breaks the rule, issue a challan to them, why is this window open to pay a bribe,” he asked.
Challans can be paid on-the-spot, or can be forwarded to the local courts.
Police spokesperson Subash Boken said on Sunday the matter has been brought to the notice of senior officers and an investigation has been initiated. “If any one is found guilty, appropriate action would be taken,” he said.
Police did not specify if there will be any action against Shukla or his friend for paying the bribes.


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